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Disability and Medical Leave at Work in Los Angeles

Today I want to talk about disability and medical leaves at work. Under California law, disability is any serious medical…

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Case Example – Disability Leave

Matthew was a successful executive who needed to take a medical leave from his new employer. He provided a doctor’s…

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Is it illegal to lay off an employee who’s on leave?

There are many types of leaves of absences that employees can take. The following leaves are some of the leaves…

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Can an Employer Ask for Proof of Disability in California?

Navigating the complex world of disability law and workplace rights in California can be challenging for employers and employees. With…

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Shirazi Law Firm Wins Over $2.1 Million+ Against A Fortune 10 Company

We obtained an Arbitration Verdict of over $2.1 million dollars in a disability discrimination/wrongful termination case against one of the…

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Elon Musk Apologizes After Publicly Mocking Disabled Employee

Haraldur Thorleifsson, a Twitter senior director of product design based in Iceland, has been working for Twitter for two years.…

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Harvard Students Protest Professor’s Return to Campus After Multiple Accusations of Sexual Harassment and Retaliation

On Tuesday afternoon, more than 100 students walked out of Harvard professor John L. Comaroff’s class, protesting his return to…

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Amazon Accused of Systemic Disability Discrimination by New York State Agency

The New York State Division of Human Rights has accused Amazon of discriminating against pregnant and disabled workers at its…

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LAPD Lieutenant wins $4.4 Million in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit

Veteran LAPD Lieutenant, Lou Vince, has been awarded $4.37 million by a jury in a disability discrimination and retaliation lawsuit…

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Pregnancy Medical Leave – Case Example

Vero is a young woman who experienced shocking pregnancy and disability discrimination at work. When she went on a temporary…

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