“Wolf of Wall Street” Company Sued for Sexual Harassment: Midget Strippers (See Video), Motor Boating, Sex Dolls...


A debt relief company in New Jersey recently settled a lawsuit with female former employees after an X-rated video was leaked to the New York Post. The NSFW video (seen above) features a scantily clad woman giving a lap dance to a ball-gagged manager. According to The Post, the HR director of the office tried to stop the inappropriate office escapades but was then fired. Here is what we know about the lawsuit/settlement: 

  1. The suit claims that debt relief company ran their office like The Wolf of Wall Street. 
  2. Female workers were rewarded with bonuses, gifts, and access to the company credit card if they went along with the sexual shenanigans. 
  3. When owner Mark Mancino and manager Michael Hamill wanted a female sales rep to come to their private office, they would shout “Wendy, get your tits in here.”
  4. Once Wendy was in the office, Macino and Hamill could be heard taking turns “motor boating” her breasts. 
  5. Mancino and Hamill frequently made lewd comments about Wendy’s breasts (whose last name was withheld for privacy reasons). 
  6. Mancino hired a 22 year old female and then proceeded to give her a $60,000 salary, access to the company credit card, and extravagant gifts such as a car. In exchange, she wore sexy outfits to work and bent over him while rubbing her inner thighs. The employees were instructed to keep the affair from Mancino’s wife (though she found out about it anyway.)
  7. Mancino and Hamill frequently hired strippers to come to the office.
  8. For Hamill’s birthday in June, a stripper straddled him on the floor (seen in the video). Later on, the staff celebrated with a “penis” cake.
  9. At the same party, Hamill put a cigarette in the blow up doll’s vagina and a party horn in her butt. 
  10. Before the stripper arrived, employees had to sign a document stating that they were ok with the lewd party theme. Those that didn’t sign the waiver were called out for being lame and prude. 
  11. The three plaintiffs, Nicole Orlando, Evelyn Grondski and Donna Simone, were allegedly terminated when they refused to comply with the lewd company culture. 
  12. On one occasion, a female employee lifted her skirt and pressed her naked butt against a window during a conference. The behavior was encouraged by her male superiors. 
  13. Instead of reprimanding the lewd behavior, one of the managers responded by air humping the female employee. 
  14. Mancino regularly mentioned the fact that he was taking testosterone shot and male enhancement pills to keep his “dick working for the young ladies.”
  15. Female employees were encouraged to wear sexy clothing to the office. 
  16. Male managers brought sex dolls into interviews with new employees. 

The owner of the company claims the allegations were all a misunderstanding and settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money. 

Have you seen a worse culture of sexual harassment before?  If so, what?

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