How To Find The Right Employment Lawyer


Finding the right lawyer for your employment matter can be difficult, especially if you've never hired an attorney before. Thoughts of doubt, uncertainty, embarrassment and fear can cause a person to make an uninformed decision regarding their legal counsel.

Scroll down to find the 6 ways to best qualify an employment attorney in Los Angeles.


When choosing an employment lawyer, there are a few things you should do to make sure you are getting the best one possible.
Make sure he/she:

  1. Focuses on employment law.  If the lawyer also practices other areas (such as personal injury), this should be a warning sign.  In big cities like Los Angeles, employment law is a very specialized field and the best usually concentrate on this one area.  Moreover, not all employment attorneys do all types of employment law.  Some don’t handle wage and hour cases or class actions etc…
  2. Is an experienced attorney.  Usually you want an attorney with at least 10 years of experience.  How good your lawyer is will likely have an effect on how much or whether you can recover damages at all.
  3. Is accomplished in the field.  Look to see what awards the attorney has received, (for example, Superlawyers, AV rating, etc…); if they speak at legal conferences; and that they are members of employment law bar association groups (such as the California Employment Lawyers Association or Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Labor and Employment section.)
  4. Is praised by current/former clients.  One way to possibly see if you will be a happy client is to see what other clients’ experiences are.  Many good employment attorneys will have testimonials on their website and have other online reviews. See our testimonials.
  5. Will handle your case individually.  There are a few fancy law firms who do employment law.  But, you want to make sure that your case will not be handled by some recent law school graduate. At Shirazi Law Firm you work directly with Emanuel Shirazi throughout the life of your case.
  6. Has trial experience.  The vast majority of employment cases settle in litigation before trial, but even then your settlement value may be less if the opposing side believes your lawyer won’t go to trial or has no trial experience.  Mr. Shirazi has been in 12 trials since 2003.