Retaliation & Whistleblower Lawyer in Los Angeles

Emanuel Shirazi - Retaliation Lawyer

Emanuel Shirazi - Retaliation Lawyer


Some employees are fired or threatened with termination when they report violations of state law such as discrimination, harassment, wage and hour or health and safety violations.  The complaining/reporting can be internal (within the company) or to the authorities. Under California law such retaliation by employers is illegal.



Representing employees who've suffered adverse personnel actions for reporting their employers

Fair Employment and Housing violations, such as sexual harassment, discrimination, wage and hour and other employment law violations:

  • Violations of health and safety regulations (i.e. OSHA)
  • Fraud or deceptive business practices
  • Falsification of financial documents
  • Violations of obligations to shareholders or business partners
  • Tax fraud

Other types of retaliation employees suffer other than termination:

  • Demotion
  • Hours cut
  • Pay cut

Retailiation cases we handle:

  • fired for complaining of sexual harassment
  • fired for making health complaint to OSHA
  • demoted and hours cut for complaining of sexual harassment
  • fired for complaining of prevailing wage fraud
  • fired for seeking Family and Medical Leave
  • fired for filing claim with the Labor Commissioner
  • fired for complaining about overtime and other wage and hour violations
  • fired for complaining about workplace discrimination


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