Carson Mayor Accused of Sexually Assaulting Fellow Los Angeles County Groundwater Board Member

Lynn Dymally claims that mayor of Carson, Albert Robles, made unwanted sexual advances towards her on a district sponsored work trip to Washington DC back in November 2013. At the time, Dymally and Robles were representatives of an agency that manages groundwater for Los Angeles County.

Ms. Dymally claims that Robles forced himself on her in an aggressive manner and backed her into a hotel room against her will. Robles then allegedly groped Dymally, tried to remove her clothes, and then tried to have sex with her. Instead of furthering any advances, Dymally claims that Robles passed out on top of her. When the pair returned to Los Angeles, Robles allegedly bullied and harassed Dymally during Water Replenishment District board meetings, an act that left her emotionally traumatized. 

Lynn is the daughter of the late Melvyn M Dymally, a ground breaking Democratic lawmaker. Melvyn Dymally was not only one of the first persons of African and Indian origin to serve in the US Congress, he also served in the California State Senate, was the 41st Lieutenant Governor of California, and was a member of the US House of Representatives. What is interesting is that Robles started his career in politics working as an aide to Melvyn Dymally.

Robles’ response to the allegations is denial. Because he is an elected official, Robles believes that he is a target for political attacks. He claims that Dymally is only making these allegations because she has a personal vendetta against him. Robles did not support her appointment to the water board in 2013 nor did he support her reelection bid in 2014.

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