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Kanye West’s Former Assistant Suing for Sexual Harassment and Wrongful Termination

Lauren Pisciotta, Kanye West’s former assistant, filed a lawsuit on June 3, 2024, for sexual harassment, breach of contract, unpaid…

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IT Staffing Firm Settles with the Department of Justice After Creating a ‘Whites Only’ Job Posting

Arthur Grand Technologies Inc., a Virginia based IT staffing firm, created a job posting that included race and citizenship requirements…

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FDIC Investigation Reveals Rampant Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Other Workplace Misconduct

A report released on Tuesday May 7, 2024, by Cleary Gottlieb claims that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) needs…

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Donald Trump’s Employment Lawyers Request to Withdraw from Wrongful Termination and Pregnancy Discrimination Case

Donald Trump’s long time employment lawyers have suddenly requested to withdraw from a current wrongful termination case citing “irreparable breakdown…

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Federal Trade Commission Finalizes Rule Banning Employers from Including Noncompete Clauses

On Tuesday, April 23, 2024, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted to ban agreements with noncomplete clauses. In most states,…

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California Workplace Discrimination Examples

Discrimination, in any form, is painful to experience. When those experiences occur in the workplace, it can make life even…

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Google Employees Terminated For Protesting in Office Against Its Contract With Israel

Several Google employees have been terminated and arrested after holding sit-ins at their offices in New York City and California.…

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2024 How Long Do You Have to Sue for Wrongful Termination in California?

Following an unlawful termination, you may wonder, “How long do you have to sue for wrongful termination in California?” State…

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2024 How to Sue for Wrongful Termination in California

Being terminated from any job can be an emotional experience, but knowing that you were unlawfully discharged can be particularly…

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2024 What Is Considered Wrongful Termination in California?

California is one of many states that abide by the “at will” standard for employment. This means that an employer…

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