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It is an unfortunate reality that sexual harassment continues to be a pervasive and damaging problem throughout American workplaces in all industries. Despite many strict laws at the federal level and further legislation at the state level, California workers consistently experience various types of sexual harassment at work. In our experience, many people don’t know if what they’ve been subjected to in the workplace legally constitutes sexual harassment. Most sexual harassment claims do not involve an express request of sex for job benefits, but a work environment filled with unwelcome comments, conduct, or language.

It’s important to note that Human Resources (HR) is not your friend; that’s why it’s important to reach out to a qualified Los Angeles employment lawyer for a free consultation. Your employer’s HR department is loyal to your employer, not you, regardless of what they might claim to the contrary. It’s also important to know that your complaints about sexual harassment should be in writing so that you have a record. One of the biggest challenges in any sexual harassment claim is overcoming the “he said, she said” nature of many of these disputes with clear, unassailable evidence of sexual harassment in the workplace.

The Shirazi Law Firm, PC, can provide the compassionate and responsive legal representation you need for effective legal recourse against the party responsible for the sexual harassment you experienced at work. We are experienced and aggressive employment attorneys in Los Angeles who take most cases on contingency—at no cost to you. If you or someone you know believes they have been a victim of sexual harassment, please contact us for a free confidential consultation. Get the best sexual harassment lawyer you can in the Los Angeles area.

Cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid after you do. Consultations/communications can be virtual if preferred.

“Shirazi Law Firm obtained a 7 figure settlement for me in my sexual harassment case“

Sexual Harassment is illegal under California law under the Fair Employment and Housing Act. While there are two main types of Sexual Harassment, examples may include:

  • Unwelcome sexual propositions. Employers may not suggest exchanges of sexual favors for job-related benefits, nor may they threaten work-related penalties for refusal of
    their requests for sexual favors.
  • Sexually provocative materials/pornography. Employers and their employees may not post pornographic or sexually suggestive material in the workplace, and if such material is posted in visible areas of the workplace and an employee complains, the employer should remove the offending material promptly.
  • Extremely vulgar language. Americans working in all industries have the right to expect a respectful work environment. Employers should have codes of conduct for their employees that encourage a dignified atmosphere of mutual respect among all employees. When vulgar language in the workplace consistently offends an employee, and their supervisor does nothing to address or correct the situation, this could potentially form the basis of a sexual harassment suit.
  • Sexual touching. Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the workplace often escalates to physical contact. If any unwanted touching of a sexual nature occurs at work, the employer is not only liable for a sexual harassment suit, but for sexual battery.
  • Degrading comments. Any type of sexually demeaning comments can be damaging to the victim, and unfortunately, many people are subjected to persistent ridicule based on their sex or sexual orientation. If you demand that degrading comments cease, but they do not, or your employer retaliates against you for voicing your discontent in any way, it’s vital to connect with a Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible.
  • Embarrassing questions or jokes. Employees in all workplaces have the right to perform their work duties without persistent questions or jokes about their sex, sexual orientation, or their assumed sexual identity.

If you or a loved one has experienced any of the aforementioned types of sexual harassment and the internal conflict resolution channels in your workplace have not produced an appropriate response, or if you have suffered illegal retaliation from your employer after voicing your concerns, it is crucial to reach out to a Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney you can trust.

Los Angeles Harassment & Hostile Work Environment

A hostile work environment/harassment arises when a co-worker, supervisor, or client engages in unwelcome and inappropriate sexually based behavior, rendering the workplace atmosphere intimidating, hostile, or offensive. The conduct can be by and against both men and women and does not have to be a result of sexual attraction or even from someone of the opposite sex. Click through to read some of the cases we have successfully handled and brought justice to our clients.

Unwanted Attention
Same Sex
Abuse of Power

Cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid after you do. Consultations/communications can be virtual if preferred.

“Shirazi Law Firm is incredible! I came to them almost a year ago about a sexual harassment case. I was referred by someone who knew them and their skill set well. We got the ball rolling with my case then after a few months I got cold feet, I told them I didn’t want to follow through and they understood. I went back to the place where I was wrongfully harassed because the person was removed from the location but when I came back they treated me very poorly. They were retaliating in many different ways. I got the courage to call Mr. Shirazi again and he said let’s take care of this, no one deserves to be treated this way. He cared about my case and was very sensitive to the subject matter. He is professional and reliable. We continued the lawsuit and I am so happy I did because they made the whole process so easy. Mr Shirazi and his team took everything into their own hands and every few weeks I would get an update of how things were going. He was accessible when I had any questions or concerns and he guided me through the whole thing. He knows what he is doing and he does it well. We settled my case and I wouldn’t have done this with anyone else. They are a great firm!“

Quid Pro Quo

Quid pro quo is the legal term for when a supervisor demands sexual favors of a subordinate as a condition of getting or keeping a job benefit. Such demands are illegal, regardless of whether the sexual favors occur, or any negative action is taken against the employee. Quid pro quo also applies if the supervisor offers job-related benefits in exchange for sexual favors, even if they do not take adverse action if their subordinate declines. The gender of the supervisor and subordinate does not matter.


The most severe form of sexual harassment a person can suffer in their workplace is sexual assault and/or battery. When sexually suggestive comments, unwanted sexual advances, and other forms of sexual harassment escalate to the point of physical contact, this can be incredibly damaging for the victim and lead to criminal charges for the person responsible for this action. Sexual assault and sexual battery carry severe penalties, including fines, incarceration, and long-term sex offender registration.

It is also possible for the employer of the individual responsible for this type of incident to face vicarious liability. If an investigation reveals they are in any way liable for the offender’s actions, such as failing to provide sexual harassment training, failing to enforce workplace anti-harassment policies or failing to perform an appropriate background check on the offender prior to hiring them, the employer could face legal penalties. Every California employer is legally obligated to make every effort to maintain a safe and harassment-free workplace.


If your employer has sexually harassed you in any way, or if you have experienced sexual harassment of any kind at work and your employer has not taken appropriate steps to address the issue, you can proceed with filing a sexual harassment claim. Your Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney will be a crucial resource for determining the full scope of damages you could claim from the defendant.

When you hire the Shirazi Law Firm, PC, to handle your sexual harassment case, our goals are to streamline your claim as much as possible and secure as much compensation as possible for the damages you suffered. Every case is unique, but most plaintiffs in sexual harassment suits in Los Angeles are entitled to recover:

  • Lost income, including back pay and lost benefits. If the plaintiff was fired or forced to quit their job due to the sexual harassment they suffered, they can seek accountability for the income they could have earned if they had been able to remain in their position.
  • Reinstatement or front pay. Some plaintiffs will seek the removal of the supervisor or other individuals who harassed them and wish to return to their jobs. Others have no interest in returning to the workplaces where they were harassed, but they can claim compensation for the income they would have reasonably expected to earn if they had been able to remain in their position.
  • Compensatory damages for out-of-pocket expenses resulting from the harassment. This can include the cost of medical care needed in response to sexual harassment, the cost of new job training services and job searches, and transportation costs.
  • Punitive damages are typically awarded in proportion to the severity of the defendant’s behavior.
  • Legal fees. You have the right to hold the defendant accountable for the costs associated with pursuing your civil action.
  • Pain and suffering compensation. An incident of sexual harassment can be traumatic, and some victims, unfortunately, suffer physical harm as well. You can hold the defendant accountable for your emotional pain and suffering, and your Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney will help you determine a suitable figure to include with your claim.

Do not make the mistake of assuming it would not be worth the time and effort to file your sexual harassment claim. Unfortunately, many people who experience sexual harassment assume that it would cost more to hire a lawyer and file their suit than they could secure from a successful suit. An experienced attorney can maximize your case award, with no out-of-pocket risk to you, and hold the defendant accountable for your experience.

The Shirazi Law Firm, PC, regularly handles sexual harassment cases and has always been able to keep the identity of its sexual harassment clients confidential in any legal proceedings.

The Shirazi Law Firm, PC, is dedicated to providing the legal representation Los Angeles workers need when they have suffered sexual harassment in their workplaces. We excel at resolving complex claims and taking them to trial, including those that appear to include very minimal physical evidence. Whatever your unique situation entails, we will take the time to listen to your story, determine your best path to recovery, and guide you through all the steps necessary to resolve your sexual harassment claim. Contact us today and schedule a free confidential consultation with a Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney.

Quid Pro Quo

Cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid after you do. Consultations/communications can be virtual if preferred.



Founder Emanuel Shirazi is an employment lawyer in Los Angeles representing employees who have been legally wronged by their employers. In addition to representing employees, Mr. Shirazi used to defend employers while he worked at the largest employment law firms in the country. Thus, Mr. Shirazi knows the tricks of the trade of the other side and will use that to your advantage in your case. Mr. Shirazi’s experience helps him anticipate your employer’s defense and prepare accordingly.