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Do You Have a Potential Employment Case to Refer?

Experienced & Aggressive Employment Lawyers in Los Angeles

We understand how difficult it is to find a reputable employment law firm to trust with your employment law referrals. Emanuel Shirazi has been specializing in employment law for almost 20 years and has obtained great results for his clients time and time again.

Advantages of Choosing Shirazi Law Firm:

  • Generous referral fees paid (7 figures paid through 2021)
  • Emanuel Shirazi personally oversees every case
  • References available from many satisfied attorneys who have referred cases
  • All referral fees are fully paid immediately upon receiving funds
  • Both attorney referrer and client get all required legal documentation
  • Referral fee structure follows all state bar rules
  • Firm signs contract with referring attorney for peace of mind they will get paid
We welcome referrals and co-counsel relationships

Examples of Those Who Should Consider Referring Cases?

  • Attorneys who specialize in a different field of law
  • Attorneys who specialize in employment law and would like co-counsel
  • Attorneys outside Southern California
  • Attorneys that lack the expertise, time and / or resources for a high value employment case

Recent Awards

  • 7 Figures – Sexual Harassment
  • 7 Figures – Sexual Harassment
  • $900k – Sexual Harassment
  • $800k – Pregnancy Discrimination
  • $795k – Pregnancy Discrimination
  • $775k – Disability Discrimination
  • $800k – Wage and Hour Misclassification

“Emanuel Shirazi went above and beyond on my case. My employer treated me so unfairly and I felt like I had no where to turn. I met with Emanuel and he told me: I’ve got your back. This guy is a pit bull who never stops fighting for his clients. So glad he was on my side and not vice versa. Trust me, Emanuel won’t let you down.“



Founder Emanuel Shirazi is an employment lawyer in Los Angeles representing employees who have been legally wronged by their employers. In addition to representing employees, Mr. Shirazi used to defend employers while he worked at the largest employment law firms in the country. Thus, Mr. Shirazi knows the tricks of the trade of the other side and will use that to your advantage in your case. Mr. Shirazi’s experience helps him anticipate your employer’s defense and prepare accordingly.