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Every American working in every industry has the right to a workplace free from discrimination and harassment of all kinds, including racial discrimination. It is unlawful for any employer to make job-related decisions on the basis of race, and it is unlawful for employers to show preferential treatment to one racial group over others.

Unfortunately, race discrimination is still prevalent in today’s workplace. Being discriminated against because of your race can be a horribly demoralizing and degrading experience that no one should suffer.
It is also unlawful for employers to allow a hostile work environment where employees are subject to actions, jokes, or comments based on their race. Moreover, employers cannot retaliate against an employee for reporting or complaining about such discrimination.

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It can be incredibly damaging for anyone to face racial discrimination at work, and despite the fact that the state has enacted some of the most expansive employment protections for marginalized groups, racial discrimination can occur in all types of ways, and those affected are often left wondering how they can hold their employers accountable for this kind of mistreatment.

The Shirazi Law Firm, PC, has helped many Los Angeles-area clients through all manner of employment disputes, including those pertaining to discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination on the basis of race. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is the government agency responsible for enforcing the nation’s workplace discrimination laws, and your racial discrimination case must begin with an EEOC claim. However, the average person may not know how to approach this process, or they could mistakenly assume that any compensation they could potentially secure would not be worth the stress and expense of pursuing their claim.

It is technically possible to file a claim to the EEOC on your own but having an experienced attorney represent you will make the entire process much easier for you to approach with confidence. Your legal representation will also significantly improve your chances of reaching the results you hope to see, ensuring accountability for your employer and appropriate compensation for the damages you suffered.

Cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid after you do.
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Case Focus: JM

JL Race Discrimination Law Case Example - African American Construction Worker

JM is African-American and was the only African-American employee at his worksite. He had to endure a racially hostile and abusive work environment. JM was constantly subjected to racist comments and racially charged physical and verbal threats.

JM complained on several occasions about this severe and pervasive racial harassment, but nothing was done. In fact, management retaliated against JM for making these complaints and eventually fired him.
The harassment was so severe that it created a hostile and abusive work environment that caused JM severe emotional distress.

California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act prohibits an employer, including any supervisor, from harassing an employee based on race or creating a racially hostile work environment. We helped JM get justice for the severe harassment and retaliation he endured.


The EEOC complaint filing process is relatively straightforward. You must complete the necessary claim forms, provide supporting documentation, and respond to any requests for additional information from the EEOC’s appointed investigator. Once the EEOC launches an investigation into a racial discrimination case or any other discrimination or harassment claim, it will likely conduct a series of interviews with the claimant, their co-workers, their employer, and any other parties involved in the case.

If an employer refuses to comply with any aspect of a racial discrimination claim, they face severe penalties along with their liability for the affected employee’s losses. The EEOC claim process typically concludes within 180 days of the initial filing, and once 180 days have passed, the agency will provide its answer to the claimant. If its investigation shows that discrimination did indeed occur, the agency issues the claimant a Notice of Right to Sue that allows them to proceed with a civil suit against their employer.
The EEOC takes all forms of illegal discrimination very seriously, but racial discrimination cases, in particular, tend to generate swift investigations and severe disciplinary actions against employers found in violation of US workplace fairness laws. It’s important to remember that your racial discrimination case not only serves to secure the compensation you deserve for enduring mistreatment from your employer but can also help prevent others from facing similar issues in the future.


One of the biggest challenges facing anyone thinking of filing a racial discrimination suit against their employer is proving the truth of the matter in question. When an employer knowingly engages in discriminatory practices they typically take calculated steps to hide the illegal nature of their actions. For example, if a racist employer plans to fire an employee on the basis of their race, they may issue poor performance notices or other issues to create a false “paper trail” they can later use to justify their firing decision.

Your Los Angeles racial discrimination attorney can be invaluable for proving the reality of your claim. They can assist you in proving that members of a certain race were treated differently from others in your workplace. It’s possible for a racial discrimination case to focus on preferential or adverse treatment on the basis of race. Ultimately, employers are legally prohibited from basing job-related decisions on discrimination of any kind. Your attorney may help you collect statements from witnesses who overheard your employer state their true reasoning behind your firing, testimony from past employees who experienced similar mistreatment, and various other forms of evidence that may all serve to substantiate your claim.


Do not make the mistake of assuming that it would cost you more to hire a Los Angeles racial discrimination attorney than you could win if you succeed with your case. You are allowed to hold the defendant accountable for your legal expenses and all costs associated with bringing your action, so if you choose the right attorney, it will effectively cost you nothing to hold your employer accountable.
Economic damages claimable in a racial discrimination case typically include lost income and lost benefits after the employee was wrongfully terminated or forced to quit due to the harassment and mistreatment they experienced. They can also claim compensation for out-of-pocket expenses resulting from losing employer-provided benefits, conducting new job searches, and attending vocational training if necessary.
Racial discrimination is psychologically damaging and emotionally distressful as well. The claimant has the right to hold their employer accountable for these intangible losses. When you choose the Shirazi Law Firm, PC, to handle your racial discrimination case, we will seek to maximize this aspect of your recovery. Depending on the severity and scope of your employer’s actions, you could receive punitive damages too.


The Shirazi Law Firm, PC, is dedicated to helping all our clients ensure accountability when they have been victimized by any illegal discrimination in their workplace. The EEOC may enforce robust laws against these unethical practices, but this, unfortunately, does not stop some employers from engaging in race-based actions that harm employees. The sooner you secure a reliable attorney, the better your chances are of succeeding with your impending racial discrimination case.

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Cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid after you do.
Consultations/communications can be virtual if preferred.

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