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Culture and religion are part of a person’s identity. Whether you prefer to wear certain religious attire, observe certain breaks for prayer time, exercise your religious beliefs, or take time off during religious holidays, you should not have to worry about facing a hostile work environment based on these choices. Having to hide who you are in fear of facing religious discrimination, such as wrongful termination, can be extremely stressful.

At Shirazi Law Firm, P.C., our Los Angeles religious discrimination attorney has years of experience defending people like you. Many have faced refusals to accommodate their religious practices, rude or discriminatory remarks, or the threat of expulsion for being who they are. A Los Angeles employment lawyer at our firm can help you recover any damages that you might have faced during the discrimination process. We can help you get back what was denied to you.

Recognizing Religious Discrimination in Los Angeles

Any unfavorable employment action taken against a person because of their religious beliefs or practices is considered religious discrimination in Los Angeles. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as well as California law, both forbid this kind of discrimination.

Both federal and state laws prohibit employers from firing employees or otherwise discriminating against them based on their faith. Employers must also provide reasonable accommodations (such as time off) for employees’ religious practices and beliefs. However, there are exceptions if doing so would place an excessive burden on the employer.

State anti-discrimination laws, including those banning religious discrimination, are enforced by qualified religious discrimination attorneys.

It is crucial to remember that religious discrimination can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Just a single instance of prejudice may not be enough to support a claim. However, it is vital to act to preserve your rights if you think that you have suffered religious discrimination. Otherwise, it can have detrimental effects on your career and financial stability.

Common Forms of Religious Discrimination

Religious discrimination can take many different forms. It can happen at any point throughout the hiring, promotion, or termination process, as well as in other employment matters. These are some of the most widespread examples of religious prejudice:

  • Unwillingness to Make Fair Accommodations: Unless doing so would put an undue hardship on the company, an employer is required to make a reasonable effort to accommodate an employee’s religious practices and beliefs. Flexible scheduling, allowances for religious attire and grooming, and time off for religious observances are some of the more common accommodations.
  • Harassment: It is unlawful to harass a person based on their religion. This includes making offensive remarks or treating them unfairly because of their faith.
  • Refusal to Promote or Employ: Unless religion is a genuine occupational need for the position in question, an employer may not decline to recruit or promote someone based on their religion.
  • Termination: An employee cannot be fired by their employer due to their faith.
  • Retaliation: An employee who has reported or threatened to disclose religious discrimination may not face retaliation from their employer.

These are some of the most typical instances of religious discrimination. However, every situation is different. Each case’s particular facts will establish whether religious discrimination has taken place.

How to Take Action Against Workplace Religious Discrimination

There are numerous actions you may take to protect your rights against religious discrimination in the workplace:

  • Keep a record of the prejudice. Keep a log of the instances of religious discrimination, including the occasion’s date, time, and place as well as any witnesses’ and participants’ identities.
  • Discrimination should be reported. If at all feasible, notify your manager or the HR department about the prejudice in writing from your personal email account. If the prejudice is being perpetrated by your employer, you might consider informing the CEO or management at a higher level.
  • Register a grievance. You can file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) if your employer does not address religious discrimination in a proper manner.
  • Contact a lawyer for advice. Your rights and available alternatives can be better understood with the aid of a qualified employment discrimination lawyer. They can also offer direction and support while you pursue legal action against religious discrimination.
  • Assemble evidence. You should gather as much proof as you can to make the most compelling case. This includes witness testimonies, emails, text messages, and other documents that corroborate your accusations.

Overall, facing a religious discrimination case can be emotionally difficult. You will need adequate social support from friends and family to get through it. Additionally, you will want to have a lawyer who listens to you, believes you, and is ready to fight for you.

Why You Should Hire a Religious Discrimination Lawyer

A lawyer for religious discrimination can assist in several ways, including:

  • Giving you legal guidance. A lawyer specializing in this area can explain your legal rights and the steps you can take to defend yourself against religious discrimination.
  • Gathering proof. They can assist you in gathering proof for your case, such as witness testimonies, incident reports, and other pertinent data.
  • Negotiating a settlement. A religious discrimination attorney can assist you in settlement discussions with your employer. They can help achieve a just resolution of your claim if it can be settled via negotiation.
  • Court representation. If required, a religious discrimination attorney can advocate for you in court and defend you.
  • Getting remuneration. If your claim is successful, a lawyer for religious discrimination can assist you in getting restitution for your losses. This includes lost earnings, benefits, and mental anguish.

Those who have encountered religious discrimination at work can benefit from the advice, advocacy, and representation of a religious discrimination attorney. They can also assist you with navigating the legal system, defending your rights, and seeking justice.


Q: Can you sue for religious discrimination?

A: Yes, you can file a claim for discrimination based on religion in the United States. Religious discrimination is prohibited by federal law under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as well as by state laws in many states, including California. If you choose to file a claim, you could obtain compensation for any lost pay, emotional suffering, or other loss incurred as a consequence of the discrimination.

Q: What is the average amount of money you can get from a religious discrimination case?

A: Generally speaking, the amount of money a person can get from a religious discrimination case depends on numerous factors, some of which are the following:

  • Nature of the discrimination
  • Proof of discrimination
  • Severity of damages
  • Strength of the case
  • Employer’s ability to pay

It is important to remember that these cases are difficult to win, and a successful outcome is not guaranteed. It is also important to consult an experienced lawyer to understand the legal implications of your case. They can also more accurately assess the potential damages.

Q: Can I be forced to take off my hijab at work?

A: No, an employer normally cannot compel you to take off your hijab at work. However, there may be situations where doing so is necessary for the performance of your job duties. There may also be occasions where there is no other reasonable accommodation that would allow you to wear it. In such a case, your employer must engage in an interactive process with you. They must help identify potential accommodations that would allow you to wear your hijab and still perform the essential functions of your job.

Q: How do you prove discrimination based on religion?

A: Proving discrimination based on religion can be a difficult task, as the nature of discrimination is often subtle and personal. One way to prove discrimination is to look for patterns of unfair treatment that can be linked to an individual’s religion. This can include:

  • Instances of harassment
  • Unequal access to certain privileges or resources
  • Being denied promotions
  • A hostile work environment

It may also be useful to compare the treatment of individuals who practice different religious beliefs. This can help you identify any discrepancies in treatment.

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Cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid after you do. Consultations/communications can be virtual if preferred.

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