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Most people working in Los Angeles and throughout the state are familiar with the term “wrongful termination,” but many misconstrue this term and do not understand the legal framework that surrounds a wrongful termination case. Additionally, many people assume the at-will employment laws of the state effectively act as a shield for employers to avoid wrongful termination cases. While it’s true that the at-will employment statute allows an employer to fire an employee with or without notice or citing a specific reason, employers may not fire employees for illegal reasons.

If you or a family member recently lost your job in Los Angeles, CA for what you believe was an illegal reason, or if you are unsure how at-will employment applies to a recent firing, we can help. The Shirazi Law Firm, PC, has years of experience handling these complex cases, and we can help you determine whether you have grounds to file a wrongful termination claim against your employer in Los Angeles.


A wrongful termination claim hinges on the concept of workplace discrimination, which is illegal throughout the United States. When an employer fires an employee due to poor performance or out of necessity because of overhead costs, this is legal as long as the employer does not base their decision on the affected employee’s race, sex, or other protected personal qualities. Unfortunately, employers who knowingly engage in discriminatory hiring and firing practices know this is illegal and take steps to conceal the true motivations behind these actions.

The Shirazi Law Firm, PC, can help you gather the evidence needed to prove your employer’s true motivation behind the decision to fire you. We have successfully handled all types of labor and employment matters for many types of employees. We represent employees only, but used to work for and been a partner at the nation’s largest and most prominent employment law firms. Our prior experience representing Fortune 500 companies gives us an advantage in dealing with the other side. We are all about getting our clients the best results.

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Most work relationships between employers in the state and their employees function on an at-will basis, meaning the relationship continues “at the will” of both parties, and both parties have the legal option of ending the work relationship if they so choose. Additionally, there is no requirement for either party to provide prior notice or cite a specific reason for ending the working relationship. While it’s generally considered common courtesy to provide two weeks’ notice if you intend to leave a job on good terms, there is no strict legal requirement to do so. Future employers may look unfavorably toward job applicants who left their previous positions without notice, but this aspect of the at-will employment law intends to prevent workers from feeling trapped in jobs they no longer wish to perform.

The at-will employment law is often described as giving employers an unfair advantage when it comes to hiring and firing decisions, effectively enabling them to fire employees at will without any requirement to warn them or cite a specific reason for the firing. However, employers may not fire employees for illegal reasons. The major point of contention in most wrongful termination claims is proving the employer had an illegal motivation for firing the employee in question.

At-will employment can seem like an insurmountable obstacle in a complex wrongful termination case, especially when the employer has knowingly engaged in calculated obfuscation to hide their intent. However, an affected employee may have more ways to prove the truth of their situation than they realize at first. When you choose the Shirazi Law Firm, PC, to represent you in a wrongful termination case, our team will carefully assess the details of your situation, identify your best available options for proving the truth of the matter, and prepare you for the next steps in filing your legal action.


It can be daunting for any employee to imagine filing a legal suit against their employer, especially when they believe they have little to no evidence to prove the truth of the matter and hold the employer appropriately accountable for what they’ve done. In many cases, it often appears as though the employee has no tangible evidence to support their case, and their wrongful termination dispute boils down to their word against the word of their employer.

This can be a distressing situation for any wrongfully terminated employee, especially when the employer has taken steps to conceal the real motivation behind their firing decision. However, an experienced Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney will know how to uncover the evidence their client needs to hold an employer accountable for this type of mistreatment.

Your employer may have mentioned their discriminatory motivation to fire you to another employee, and it is possible that internal communications and other documentation could be recoverable and support your claim. Witness testimony can be crucial to a wrongful termination case. Your attorney may seek to find other former employees who experienced similar mistreatment from the same employer, and they may also try to arrange interviews with current employees who may be able to testify in support of your case.

Your work records, past performance reviews, and other proof of your job performance will also support your case. Some wrongful termination cases boil down to proving preferential treatment for some employees on the basis of their protected personal qualities, while others focus on negative treatment against employees who all share the same personal qualities. The Shirazi Law Firm, PC, has extensive experience handling all types of wrongful termination claims, and we know how to identify the variables our client needs to prove to succeed with their legal action.


Since wrongful termination is almost always a result of discrimination, your employment lawyer must file an administrative complaint regarding your wrongful termination before you can file a civil suit against the employer who fired you. Your Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney will be a crucial asset for proving the full scope of your employer’s illegal and unethical behavior and the range of damages you have incurred as a result of their actions.

The most obvious type of compensation claimable in most wrongful termination claims is lost income. You have the right to claim compensation for lost wages, lost benefits, and any out-of-pocket expenses the wrongful termination caused.

Experiencing any type of discrimination in the workplace, especially when it is severe enough to cost you your job, is a very traumatic and degrading experience. California law allows the plaintiff in a wrongful termination suit to hold their former employer accountable for their emotional distress. If you are able to claim pain and suffering compensation to reflect the severity of your experience, this could form a significant portion of your total case award.

You can also seek your attorneys’ fees and costs and punitive damages in such wrongful termination claims.


The Shirazi Law Firm, PC, has the professional experience with California employment law that you need on your side to approach your case with confidence and peace of mind. We understand that you likely have several pressing legal questions about what you can expect in your impending case, and we will help you understand all your options for legal recourse after a wrongful termination. Contact us today to schedule a free confidential consultation with a Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney and learn more about the legal services we offer.

Cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid after you do. Consultations/communications can be virtual if preferred.

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Cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid after you do. Consultations/communications can be virtual if preferred.

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