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Dallas Cowboys Owner Sued For Sexual Harassment

Emanuel Shirazi

WARNING: Content in article may not be suitable for children.

Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys, is being accused of sexual harassment by Jana Weckerly, a former exotic dancer. According to the complaint, Jones allegedly grabbed Weckerly’s breasts in a forcible manner, penetrated her vagina with his fingers, made her watch as he received oral sex from other women, and made her touch his genitals–all in a local 5-star hotel in Dallas, TX. Afterwards, he tried to intimidate her and the other women in keeping the occurrence under wraps by making them sign an NDA. Weckerly, 27, is seeking $1 million in damages.

Jones’ lawyer claims the allegations are completely false and that Weckerly is just attempting to embarrass and extort Jones. According to FORBES, the Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in the NFL, making Jerry Jones’ worth nearly $3.2 billion.

Do you believe Jerry Jones forced Weckerly to perform sexual acts against her will or do you think Weckerly is just “money grabbing”? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

NOTE: In the state of California, sexual harassment extends to certain special relationships other than the employment relationship–such as doctor/patient, psychologist/patient, etc.

UPDATE: According to NBC Sports, the case against Jerry Jones was recently dismissed. The judge “concluded the claim had violated the Texas state statute of limitations of such crimes.”

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