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Female on Male Sexual Harassment-The Crazy Allegations Re Fashion and Race Cars

Emanuel Shirazi

Usually when you hear about a sexual harassment case in the workplace, it’s a woman accusing a male co-worker. This is not the case for Manhattan fashion designer, Joanne Del Prete-Rosten, 52. Her former employee, Daniel Coyle, 39 is accusing Del Prete-Rosten of firing him after he turned down her sexual advances.

The two allegedly met at a special event for exotic car collectors on the NASCAR track at Pocono Raceway in Pennslyvania. Shortly after their meeting, Del Prete-Rosten and Coyle quickly became an item. Del Prete-Rosten then hired Coyle to be the Chief Operating Officer of her clothing company, Canto NYC. In exchange for a reduced salary, Coyle agreed to a 10 percent ownership in her business.

When Coyle arrived to work at the Manhattan based store, however, he was in for a huge surprise. Not only was she married, but her husband was also an executive at her company.

During his employment, Coyle claims that Del Prete-Rosten acted inappropriately towards him. Some of these allegations include:

  1. She bragged to Coyle and other male employees about being penetrated by a former partner’s gun.
  2. On a work trip in Las Vegas, she went into the room that Coyle was sharing with coworkers, drunk and wearing only her underwear, and grabbed Coyle’s penis.
  3. During the same work trip, Coyle was dancing with a woman and Del Prete-Rosten interrupted. She pushed him away and began kissing the woman.
  4. She told Coyle that she thought about him while masturbating.
  5. Flirting with him in addition to other male employees.
  6. Telling Coyle that she could love somebody like him.

Del Prete-Rosten denies all of Coyle’s allegations and stands firm that she never had a romantic relationship with Coyle. Del Prete-Rosten’s lawyer, Jonathan Sack, even claims that Coyle’s allegations were already dismissed by the state Division of Human Rights.

Regardless of whether or not the allegations are false, the way that Coyle was let go seems fishy. Coyle complained to Del Prete-Rosten about the vulgar conduct and was promptly let go. Del Prete-Rosten fired him on the basis that her company was going out of business, however, shortly after Coye’s dismissal, Del Prete-Rosten released a spring and summer collection and bought herself a new Lamborghini.

What do you think of these allegations?

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