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Woman Claims She Was Fired Twice Because She Was Pregnant

Emanuel Shirazi

Ashley Lucas claims that she was recently fired twice for being pregnant from her job at Service Boss, Inc. In August 2015, Lucas filed suit alleging that she was hired in February 2014 and fired in April. She was then reinstated and fired again in June. At the time of both dismissals she was pregnant, but was able to perform job duties as normal and was a reliable employee.

Lucas alleges that management had made derogatory claims about her pregnancy and was told that:

(1) her pregnancy was making her unreliable;
(2) she shouldn’t be working while she was pregnant; and
(3) that she should file for welfare!

Lucas’ lawsuit claims that Service Boss violatedTitle VII of the Civil Rights Act, which includes thePregnancy Discrimination Act(PDA). She’s seeking damages including back pay, legal fees and punitive damages and hopes to end the alleged practice of firing pregnant employees at Service Boss.

What do you think of these alleged comments to a pregnant woman in the workplace?

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