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Bloomberg LP Sued for Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment & Retaliation

Emanuel Shirazi

Elizabeth Lisser, 47, a former employee at Bloomberg LP in Manhattan is suing her former supervisor and accounts payable manager, Brian Schuler, 46, for sexual harassment and retaliation. Lisser first reported Schuler for sexually harassing her back in 2013, and is now filing a suit claiming that he has continued the harassment ever since. After her initial reporting in 2013, the HR department told her to “be more professional and keep her emotions in check.”

Lisser claims that Schuler did the following:

  1. Looked down her blouse
  2. Massaged her shoulders.
  3. Sent her texts revealing inappropriate information about her female co-workers such as commenting on their breasts, or who they were sleeping with.
  4. Made sexually charged comments about Lisser’s figure, weight, and appearance.
  5. Following the initial complaint, Schuler began criticizing her work in a degrading manner, in front of co-workers. He also allegedly told her “if you think that little slap on the wrist was going to make this go away, you only dug your grave deeper.”

The lawsuit claims that the harassment was so “severe and pervasive” that it created an “abusive, hostile, intimidating and offensive work environment.” Because of the humiliation Lisser faced in the workplace, she felt there was no other option than to terminate her employment. After thirteen years of employment, Lisser quit in April 2014. As a result, Lisser claims that she has lost wages and career opportunities as well as suffered from mental and emotional distress. She is suing for $5 million in compensatory damages.

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