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Kanye West’s Former Assistant Suing for Sexual Harassment and Wrongful Termination


Lauren Pisciotta, Kanye West’s former assistant, filed a lawsuit on June 3, 2024, for sexual harassment, breach of contract, unpaid wages, hostile work environment and wrongful termination. Pisciotta was hire by West during the creation process of his Yeezy fashion line and also assisted on three tracks that were featured on his 2021 album, Donda.

This isn’t the only legal issue that Kanye West has found himself involved in. Several teachers that are employer at his school, the Donda Academy, allege that the school has several health and safety violations which were ignored. West has faced multiple lawsuits regarding ongoing issues at Donda Academy. In June 2023, West’s attorney denied these claims and requested the dismissal of the lawsuit claiming that the allegations do a disservice to the academy’s current staff, students and parents who can attest to the positive experience.

Prior to working with Kanye West, Lauren Pisciotta was creating content on OnlyFans and earning more than $1 million per year. After one year of employment with West, she was asked to delete her OnlyFans account and was promised a yearly payment of $1 million. Pisciotta agreed to delete her account.

Shortly after, she began to experience sexual harassment via text messages and phone calls. According to the lawsuit, one of the messages she received from West stated “see my problem is I be wanting to f–k but then after I f–k I want a girl to tell me how hard they been f–ked while I’m f–king them. Then I want her to cheat on me.” Allegedly, West would masturbate during phone calls with Pisciotta and ask her if she could hear him or guess what he was doing. In addition to that, she received several sexual videos and photos including a recording of West having sexual intercourse.

Pisciotta was eventually promoted to Chief of Staff for West’s various companies where she earned a $4 million salary. Around October 2022, she was terminated and offered a $3 million severance package which was accepted but has not been received.

Kanye West is now allegedly filing his own lawsuit against Pisciotta claiming blackmail and extortion. He accused his ex-assistant of making baseless allegations and demanding $50 million in the frivolous lawsuit that was filed earlier this week. According to West’s team, Pisciotta was terminated for being unqualified, demanding an unreasonable salary, and stealing Kanye’s phone in attempts to get rid of phone records. Additionally, West’s team claims that Pisciotta attempted to sexually coerce him into buying her luxury brand goods, cars, and cosmetic procedures.

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