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Detroit Pistons’ Assistant General Manager Terminated After Allegations of Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Surface

Emanuel Shirazi

Rob Murphy, assistant general manager of the Detroit Pistons, had been placed on a leave in October 2022 while they investigated alleged workplace misconduct with a former female employee. On May 3rd, 2023, the Detroit Pistons released a press conference stating that Rob Murphy is no longer working for the basketball organization due to violation of company policy and the terms of his employment agreement. After the allegations were made, Murphy did not return to work before his termination.

DeJanai Raska, 32, started working as Rob Murphy’s executive assistant in September 2021. Raska claims that Murphy sexually harassed, belittled, and abused her during the period that she worked for him. She accused him of grabbing her buttocks, groping her in front of her daughter, telling her that he wanted to get her pregnant, and trying to force her to engage in sexual relations with him. Raska is suing the Detroit Pistons for sexual discrimination and harassment. She had informed the Pistons of the allegations with hopes that the team would do the right thing, however nothing was done, and this led to Raska’s decision to sue. Raska also claims that she had been fired from the basketball organization after Murphy sent a fraudulent email to Human Resources saying that she had resigned.

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