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EPIC Records CEO Out After Latest Sexual Harassment Allegations

Emanuel Shirazi

L.A. Reid (60) mysteriously left his post as the CEO of Sony Music’s Epic Records a few weeks ago. Now sources are saying that he was ousted by the label because of sexual harassment allegations brought against him by a former colleague.

Here is what we know about the latest sexual harassment allegations against Reid:

  1. Reid, who was CEO of Epic Records for 6 years, allegedly put his hand up the shirt of a female colleague at a holiday party in front of other guests.
  2. During a business trip, the same employee alleges that Reid asked her to lie down with him in his bed and give him a hug.
  3. The former employee alleges that Reid made “inappropriate remarks about her appearance and clothing” including making suggestions about which clothing she should wear and saying that she was “fine.”
  4. The employee complained numerous times to her executives, but no solutions were offered.
  5. After approaching another executive about the harassment, she was told to think about what it would mean for her, should she say anything more.

The complaint letter filed by Reid’s employee and the employee’s lawyer, states that she will sue if they do not settle the claim.

According to an article by the NY Post, this is not the first time LA Reid has been accused of such conduct. Over the course of five years, Reid has quietly settled several sexual harassment complaints with various female colleagues (some in the six figures.) Each time Reid settled a complaint, he vowed to clean up his act (judging by his track record, these were empty promises.)

Do you think L.A. Reid is guilty? If not, why would he lose his position as CEO?

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