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Siri is Sexually Harassed More Often Than You Think

Emanuel Shirazi

According to an article by the NY Post, Siri, the bot who can schedule your doctor’s appointments, buy your concert tickets, and tell you the height of the Eiffel tower, is subject to “sexual harassment” on the daily. Apparently, “bots’ like Siri are very often asked inappropriate sexual questions.  A spokesperson for Cortana, (Microsoft’s version of Siri) explained that a lot of their first inquiries were also sexually explicit.

The writer of the article decided to say a sexually charged thing to several “bots” to see what happened. The results are below:

Siri (Apple)

Managed to stay neutral (and vague) when responding to his blatant harassment but occasionally personalized her response with his first name, “the use of my name at the end of the smack-down added a level of personalisation that stung).

Alexa (Google)

When asked if he could have sex with Alexa, she responded with “let’s change the topic”. Direct and to the point.

Cortana (Microsoft)

Won’t even acknowledge the question and sent him to a porn search instead.

Is this just a joke towards a computer that should be ignored? If not, how should programmers of these bots set the responses to inappropriate sexual questions? 

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