Former Back-Up Dancer Sues Snoop Dogg for Sexual Assault

Snoop Dogg Sexual Assault Lawsuit. Alleged Incident occurred at recording studio

A woman (Jane Doe) filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles federal court on February 9, 2022 accusing Snoop Dogg and Bishop Don ‘Magic’ Juan of sexual assault. The woman is described as a dancer, model and actress, and said to have regularly worked on-stage with the rapper. The alleged incident happened after the woman attended a Snoop Dogg concert in May 2013, nearly nine years ago.

The lawsuit alleges:

1/ Following the concert, Jane Doe and a friend agreed to go to Snoop Dogg’s studio with him and his friend Donald Campbell. 

2/ She asked to be taken home after an offer by Campbell, but Campbell drove her to his residence after she fell asleep in the car.

3/Jane Doe fell asleep at Campbell’s home and was awaken around 4 a.m. to Campbell forcing her to perform oral sex on him.

4/ Campbell urged her to accompany him to a Snoop Dogg taping, calling it a “career move” for her.

5/While at the taping, Snoop Dogg followed her to the bathroom where he forced her to perform oral sex and masturbated in front of her.

Jane Doe alleges she felt pressure from Snoop Dogg due to his position of power, ability to fire her, and ability to ensure she never be hired in the industry again. Her attorney explained that Jane Doe speaks now because she “refuses to be silenced and intimidated any longer” and hopes to inspire other victims to understand they have rights and do not have to be silenced forever.

A spokesperson for Snoop Dogg has denied the sexual assault allegations and denies she ever worked for him.  

According to the filing, the woman attempted private mediation with no success.  The lawsuit alleges that Snoop Dogg retaliated against her following the mediation by posting on Instagram that it was “gold digger season.” The post does not name any particular person.

California’s laws on sexual assault have changed recently to extend the statutes of limitations for civil claims.  

Do you think the long delay in bringing the claims will negatively effect Plaintiff’s claims?

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