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“King of Comedy” Jerry Lewis Under Fire for Sexual Harassment and Assault

Emanuel Shirazi

Several actresses have accused comedian Jerry Lewis of sexual harassment and sexual assault. These claims were brought to light during interviews led by investigative film-makers Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick.

While investigating countless abuse allegations from Hollywood, the film-makers discovered that many of Lewis’ former co-stars had unsettling claims about the comedian. The film-makers had several sit-down conversations with the actresses and turned them into a feature and short film for the “Hollywood Issue.”

Actresses that will be included in the short are: Hope Holiday (The Ladies Man), Jill St. John (Who’s Minding the Store?), Anna Maria Alberghetti (Cinderfella), Karen Sharpe (The Disorderly Orderly), Renée Taylor, vocalist Lainie Kazan, and several others. While all disturbing, Sharpe and Holiday’s are most severe.

Karen Sharpe alleges that Jerry Lewis attacked her in his office. She claimed that Lewis grabbed her, then attempted to fondle her, and began to take off his pants. Sharpe fought him off but then had to deal with a toxic filming environment as Lewis gave orders to the crew to not speak or rehearse with her.

Hope Holiday alleges that Lewis had locked her in his dressing room, then proceeded to “talk dirty” and masturbate. Holiday was torn about reporting the actor after the events because she had a signed contract with Lewis and the studio.

These allegations brought forth by Lewis’ co-stars add to the #MeToo movement’s focus on shining a spotlight on the misconduct in Hollywood and bringing abusers like Jerry Lewis out of cover.

What do you think of these allegations?

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