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NBC Allegedly Only Hiring Good Looking People

Emanuel Shirazi

An employee who was recently fired from NBC is now claiming that she was told NBC only wanted to hire attractive people. Stephanie Belanger claims that the recruiter who initially contacted her for a job as an audio-visual coordinator wanted to see her Facebook and Instagram profile before being set up with an interview. The recruiter allegedly told Belanger that NBC was specifically asking for “good looking employees”.

In addition, Belanger (25) claims that she experienced disability discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation. Here is what we know about the case:

1/ Belanger claims that her supervisor, John Carleo, called her a series of inappropriate things such as a whore and the hottest coordinator in the office. In addition, he also referenced himself as her boyfriend without the benefits.

2/ Carleo told Belanger that he had to fire her, otherwise his girlfriend would break up with him.

3/ Belanger is epileptic and had two seizures at work. After the second one, she was demoted and her salary was cut.

At the time, Belanger apparently complained to the network, but they didn’t take her claims seriously.

Do you think it is illegal to only hire good looking employees? Couldn’t this be age discrimination?

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