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Sexual Harassment – Quid Pro Quo

Emanuel Shirazi

KT (female) was hired by her boss because he was attracted to her. Once she started, her boss/owner offered her work benefits and perks if she would have sex with him. The work benefits offered included an expense account and other perks.

KT tried to end the sexual relationship on several occasions, but he did not allow it to stop. KT finally had enough and told her boss she was no longer going to engage in sex with him. In a matter of days, she was fired under false pretenses.

Basically, the manager no longer wanted her around at work now that there wouldn’t be any more sex.

This was a case not only about sexual misconduct, but about abuse of power in the workplace. Being offered a job opportunity and/or work benefits in exchange for submitting to sexual advances is called quid pro quo harassment and is prohibited by law.

We helped KT get much needed justice and some comfort after these traumatic workplace events.

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