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Woman Live Streams Supervisor Asking Her for Sex to Go Home Early

Emanuel Shirazi

A 47-year-old Hawaiian male, Harold Villanueva Jr., has been arrested by police and is allegedly being charged with a fourth degree sexual assault. His crime? Telling his 21-year-old subordinate that if she performed oral sex on him, she would be allowed to go home early.

Makana Milho, a transgender woman from Hawaii, was in the middle of a 6-day community service order when the harassment allegedly began. She claims that her supervisor pinched her butt while she was dutifully cleaning toilets. From that moment on, she became fearful that he would abuse his power in other ways.

Milho decided to record a live (and inappropriate) conversation that was occurring between her and her supervisor. The conversation (which lasted 30 minutes) was live streaming directly to Facebook, the same feature that Philandro Castile’s girlfriend used to document the aftermath of being shot by a Minnesota police officer last month.

During the video you can hear Villanueva asking Milho about using a condom and telling her that he wouldn’t mind receiving oral sex. He also tells her that she would be able to go home sooner if she performed sexual stuff, if not, she would be required to stay until 1 o’clock. Later on in the recording, Villanueva asks Milho to keep the conversation between the two of them.

How frequent do you think such conduct is?

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