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Trump National Golf Course Accused of Sexual Harassment and Retaliation

Emanuel Shirazi

We recently published an article that featured Trump’s thoughts on women who are sexually harassed at work. Trump told Chuck Todd, a journalist for NBC’s Meet the Press, if a woman is sexually harassed in the workplace, that she should just quit her job and find another company to work for. I wonder if his reaction would be any different after hearing this —  Erin Breen, a female employee at Trump National Golf Course in Jupiter, Florida alleges that she was terminated after she complained about being sexually harassed by Joe DiPasquantonio, the former food and beverage manager at the same golf course.

Breen alleges that DiPasquantonio did the following to her:

  1. Asked her to perform oral sex.
  2. Made consistent sexual advances towards her.
  3. Called her pet names such as his “number one,” and his “rock.” The rock pet name allegedly refers to Breen’s rock hard body.
  4. Dropped something on the floor and asked her to pick it up.
  5. Made sexual jokes and commentary.
  6. Made sexual comments on a social media chat network such as “everything you do is cute”, “it’s hard now”, and “you should come up to our suite.”
  7. Told her he would leave his wife for her.

On December 30, 2013, Breen alleges she made a formal complaint to her direct supervisor, Laura Daniel. Instead of investigating the alleged harassment, Daniel acted uninterested. Breen alleges that her employer retaliated by firing her shortly after the complaint.  Trump National Golf Course though, says the official reason for Breen’s termination was due to time-card theft and gambling while on the clock.

What do you think of these allegations in light of of Trump’s recent comments that sexually harassed women should just quit there jobs and move on?

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