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Zillow Sued For Sexual Harassment

Emanuel Shirazi

Rachel Kremer, a former sales consultant at Zillow, is suing the company for sexual harassment. The suit alleges that the work environment at Zillow was nothing short of an “ adult frat house.” Zillow is an online real estate marketplace where users can find information about homes and local real estate professionals.

During her employment at Zillow (from June 2012-August 2014), Kremer claims that she was continuously sent graphic emails and pictures by her supervisors. Some of the other offenses Kremer’s male cohorts committed include: ranking Kremer’s breast size, sending her pictures of their genitalia, and threatening to end her employment if she did not meet their demands of sexual gratification. Kremer’s attorney claims the harassment lasted well over 6 months.

Apparently, Kremer’s sexual harassment allegations against Zillow is not the only one. Zillow says it takes the allegations seriously and began a complete investigation; one employee has already been terminated.

Unfortunately sexual harassment in the workplace is nothing new. Read about another case involvinga popular dating app here.

What do you think a company’s responsibility should be when there is a hostile sexual environment in the workplace?

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