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Age Discrimination – Case Example

Emanuel Shirazi

Keith was an employee in his 70s and had worked for his employer for several years. He had consistently received stellar reviews and was even promoted before his medical leave and accommodation request.

At the time of termination, Keith had been refused the reasonable accommodations he requested after he came back from his heart surgery. Keith provided medical notes to his employer indicating that he would need time off work. After Keith returned from his leave of absence, he notified his manager that he would have to take it easy at work for a while and that future time off for medical care would be necessary.

As a result, Keith’s manager set out to orchestrate his termination by not only refusing to provide him with his requested accommodation but also giving him more work, imposing new job requirements, and immediately mistreating him upon his return, all in an attempt to force him out.

A few weeks after his return from his medical leave request, Keith gets his last review and it is a complete 180 from his past glowing reviews. He is put on a PIP and fired about 2 months later. He was replaced by someone over 30 years younger than him.

Keith suffered severe emotional and financial distress as a result of this discrimination he faced at the job he loved so much and wanted to retire from. He had a devastating career loss and had been unable to find similar employment.

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