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Cheerleaders File Wage & Hour Class Action Against NFL’s Raiders

Emanuel Shirazi

Can you believe the NFL’s Oakland Raiders pay their cheerleaders only $1,250 per year?! Well they do. In fact, the Raiders actually pay many cheerleaders less if you take into account their unreimbursed expenses and fines they give to their cheerleaders.

That is why the Raiders are now being sued for failure to payminimum wages and overtime and illegally requiring cheerleaders to pay expenses out of their $125-per-gamesalaries. The Raiderettesallege they do 2-3 rehearsals per week, performances at 10 charity events each season, and participate in the team’s annual swimsuit calendar photo shoot. Along with the games themselves, they allege that this makes their wages below $5 per hour. California’s minimum wage is $8 perhour.

The suit also alleges that the Raiders:

1) impose arbitrary fines on the cheerleaders for such offenses as bringing the wrong pom-poms topractice;

2) illegally withhold the Raiderettes’ salaries until the end of each season, in violation of California law requiring pay at least twice a month; and

3) illegally prohibits the cheerleaders from discussing their wages with oneanother.

A Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader has since filed a similar lawsuit.

What do you think of Raiderettes getting paid so little while the players make millions?

UPDATE: According tothis article, the NFL settled a claim with the Raiderettes for $1.25 million. This settlement will coverback pay for over 90 cheerleaders between the years of 2010 and 2013.

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