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Courtney Love’s Former Assistant Sues Her for Not Getting a Yale Scholarship and Wrongful Termination

Emanuel Shirazi

Courtney Love’s former assistant has sued the musician/actress for wrongful termination and wage and hour violations. What is really unique about the former assistant’s allegations is her breach of contract action. The former assistant alleges Love made false promises of a full scholarship to Yale as part of her employment package. This is quite a unique perk.

The former assistant’s wrongful termination claims are based on her being allegedly fired for refusing “unethical requests” such as sending fake legal correspondence and hiring someone to hack into a computer. The wage and hour allegations are that the former assistant worked 60 hours a week without any overtime compensation.

Love’s publicist has denied the allegations.

What do you think of the wrongful termination claim? What about the promise of a full scholarship to Yale? The scholarship promise seems a little out there.

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