Former “Big Love” Star Confirms Some Hollywood Directors Still Seek Sex from Actresses

Actress Chloe Sevigny, 41, best known for her role in the HBO hit “Big Love”,  recently opened up to a panel at the Cannes Film Festival about the alleged sexual harassment she has experienced over the years while working in the film industry. She alleged that three major directors acted inappropriately toward her during the audition process. Here are a just a few of those inappropriate things she mentioned: 

  1. Sevigny claims that a director has asked her out after an audition. 
  2. She claims another director asked her to go shopping and try on clothes together.  
  3. Another director allegedly told Sevigny to show off her body more, that she should be naked on screen. 
  4. Sevigny says she was not given certain roles because she refused some of these directors’ advances.  She hopes that young and impressionable female actresses find the strength that she did to resist the temptation to yield the advances of these directors.

In the panel, Sevigny also mentioned the double standard that women in Hollywood have to face. While male directors are embraced for being wild and crazy, women who act the same way are labeled as emotional, hysterical, or impassioned. They also risk not being hired again.

Not only does she think there should be more opportunities for women to play strong, solid roles in movies and TV series but she also thinks there should be more female action figures.

How prevalent do you think director demands for sexual favors are?

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