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NYPD Sexual Harassment Nightmare

Emanuel Shirazi

Jeffrey Maddrey, 45, head of the NYPD’s Patrol Borough Brooklyn North, was recently accused of sexual harassment, by a former female cop.  His accuser, Tabitha Foster, 40, refuses to cooperate with the investigation.

Maddrey claims the accusations are lies and has been fully cooperating with the Internal Affairs Bureau throughout the entire investigation. Foster, on the other hand, has not been. Because Foster is no longer employed by the NYPD, she cannot be forced to cooperate with the investigation.

Foster originally accused Madddrey of the following on her Facebook page:

1. Foster claimed that Maddrey slept with her as well as other female co-workers.

2. Maddrey allegedly showed Foster nude images of a fellow female cop on his phone.

3. Foster claims Maddrey told her that he has a fetish for women who are married and pregnant.

As of now, Foster’s Facebook page has been deleted. Before it was deleted, however, she posted provocative images of her and the police commissioner. There was also a picture of herself wearing a Santa hat while standing next to Maddrey. The caption read “I appreciate you allowing me to sit on your face. That’s all it’s good for.”

According to a source that knows both Maddrey and Foster, the two had a very close personal friendship. The source claims that the police chief is actually the victim in all of this, not Foster.

In 2013, Foster was hospitalized for having a stroke. The source says that Maddrey brought her tennis shoes to the hospital to help aid her physical therapy. Maddrey also gave her kids gifts. Foster has a different story, however. She claims that Foster came to the hospital in order to have sex with her.

When Maddrey no longer had time to see Foster, she allegedly began stalking him. She bought burner phones so that her number would be hidden when she called. The source also claims that she would send Maddrey naked pictures of herself, begging him to have sex. In addition, she would wait outside of his house for him to get home.

Foster retired from the NYPD shortly after suffering from her stroke. She is currently pursuing a music career.

What do you make of this mess?<

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