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Kanye West Sued By Former Teacher at Donda Academy

Emanuel Shirazi

Isaiah Meadows has filed a lawsuit against infamous rap star Kanye West for wrongful termination. Meadows worked at Donda Academy, Kanye West’s private Christian school, as the former assistant principal and then a gym teacher upon being demoted. Meadows alleges that he was fired after raising concerns of violation of safety practices that made the school unsafe for children. This included a lack of glass in windows because West did not like glass, a lack of hot water during the pandemic, and the school’s sceptic tank overflowing each day causing a terrible smell. This story was first reported by Mirror UK.

Meadows also contends that he was promised that a portion of his rent would be paid for him by the school if he moved closer to its location in Calabasas. However, this never came to fruition and as a result Meadows paid a much larger amount for rent than what had been originally anticipated.

This is not the only Donda Academy lawsuit that the infamous rapper is currently facing. Kanye West is also facing a lawsuit from a previous Donda Academy teacher, Cecilia Haile, and her daughter. This lawsuit was filed in April, and claims that the school’s poor teaching methods encourage racial stereotypes of African American people and uses “unlawful educational practices.”

The lawsuit also claims that the schools poor teaching method has ensured that her daughter will be behind in her educational studies. Mrs. Haile has urged all parents who currently have their children enlisted at Donda Academy to remove them at once, as staying there could permanently delay their children’s education and growth. Many outlets have reached out to Kanye West and Donda Academy for a comment, however neither have responded.

Under California law, it is illegal retaliation to terminate an employee’s employment because they made a complaint of legal violations. The violations complained of here might not seem to be actual legal violations. But, they may fall under OSHA regulations or other safety standards under federal or California state law.

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