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Lead Transparent Actor Jeffrey Tambor’s Status Unclear After Multiple Sexual Harassment Allegations

Emanuel Shirazi

Still no word on whether or not Jeffrey Tambor will leave the Emmy award-winning show Transparent amid three co-stars’ sexual harassment accusations. Three women, his former assistant/trans actress Van Barnes, his trans co-star Trace Lysette, and Tamara Delbridge all allege that Tambor sexually harassed them whilst working with him. Here is what we know about the allegations:

1/ Barnes first brought her story to light on a private Facebook post which then prompted Amazon to initiate an investigation. Though her claims didn’t list Tambor by name, she did say that her “former boss” had repeatedly solicited her, made inappropriate comments, molested her, and threatened to initiate legal action if she spoke up.

Tambor denied and rejected Barnes’ claims, saying that she was just a “disgruntled” assistant.

2/ Just one week later, Trace Lysette came forth with her accusations. She said that Tambor made “many sexual advances and comments, but one time it got physical.” While on set, Lystte, Tambor and another co-star were all wearing filmsy pajamas for a scene. In between takes, Tambor allegedly cornered Lysette, put his feet on top of her feet to prevent her from moving, sunk his weight on to hers, and began to thrust, back and forth, in a quick, yet discreet manner. Lysette says she felt his penis on her hip through his thin pajamas. She then pushed him off of her and laughed it off so she could complete the scene. She says she compartmentalized in such a manner because it’s part of her “survival tool kit” as a trans person. You can read her entire post here.

Tabor admitted to being volatile, ill-tempered at times, and even difficult to work with, but he stands by the fact that he is not a predator and never has been one.

3/ A third accuser alleges that Tambor “forcibly kissed her” back in 2001. Delbridge, a makeup assistant on the film Never Again, told Tambor on the last day of shooting that it was nice to work with him. She then said he grabbed her out of nowhere and kissed her on the lips.

Tabor responded to Delbridge’s statement by saying he has no recollection of anything like that ever happening. He said that if it did happen “it wasn’t meant as anything more than an enthusiastic farewell and gratitude for a job well done at the end of a shoot.”

So will Tambor leave Transparent? It’s unclear. Though Jill Gordon, head of the series’ writing department, has said that there is “momentum on the inside to continue without Jeffrey Tambor”, Tambor’s publicist has said there has been no final decision made either by Tambor or Amazon.

Transparent is a groundbreaking series that showcases the trials and tribulations of Mort/Maura Pfefferman, a college professor who comes out to his family as transgender.

Do you think Tambor should be fired from the show Transparent for these allegations?

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