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NFL Network and Former NFL Players Sued for Sexual Harassment

Emanuel Shirazi

Employees of the NFL Network are the next to receive accusations of sexual harassment. Analysts for the network including Marshall Faulk, Heath Evans, and Ike Taylor were all accused of sexually harassing Jami Cantor, 51, a former wardrobe stylist. Cantor is also suing NFL Enterprises for wrongful termination.

Here is what we know about the accusations:

1/ Cantor alleges that Faulk, Evans, and Taylor (who are all former NFL players) groped her and made sexually explicit comments towards her.

2/ Accusations were also made against NFL Network executive producer Eric Weinberger who allegedly sent Cantor nude pictures of himself along with lewd texts.

3/ Weinberger told Cantor she was put on the earth to pleasure him.

4/ Cantor alleges that Weinberger rubbed his genitals on her shoulder and asked her to touch him.

5/ Faulk allegedly asked Cantor inappropriate questions about her sex life.

6/ Faulk also allegedly touched her breasts and butt.

7/ Taylor allegedly sent Cantor lewd photos and a video of him pleasuring himself.

8/ Donovan McNabb, a former analyst, allegedly also sent Cantor lewd texts, though he currently works at ESPN and no longer has any affiliation with the NFL Network.

9/ Cantor says that she complained about the harassment to Marc Watts, the league’s talent coordinator, but that he failed to take her complaints seriously. He allegedly told her that sexual harassment was “part of the job when you look the way you do.”

Since the complaint, Faulk, Taylor and Evans have all been suspended from the Network. Weinberger, who is now the president of sports commentator Bill Simmon’s media group, has also been suspended.

What do you think of these allegations?

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