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Potential Sexual Harassment Lawsuit from Michael Jackson’s Former Chef

Emanuel Shirazi

Kai Chase is the former personal chef for Michael Jackson, and was hired by MJ’s mother Katherine Jackson in 2012. Katherine’s nephew Trent Jackson, is accused of grunting at her from behind, whispering sexual remarks, staring her up and down and sitting in front of her in the kitchen with his legs spread open in a sexual manner.

Chef Kai had enough and in March of 2015 sent a demand letter to Katherine Jackson who was initially apologetic, but then changed her attitude and said that Kai needed to be more tolerant ofher nephew’s behavior. Kai was then fired shortly after claiming that the reason stated was she “did not appear happy.”

Kai is now demanding Katherine to pay an undisclosed sum or face a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Some examples of sexual harassment include:

  • unwelcome sexual propositions
  • sexually provocative materials/pornography
  • extremely vulgar language
  • sexual touching
  • degrading comments
  • embarrassing questions or jokes

Many of the examples above can be found in Kai’s claim against her employer Katherine Jackson.

What do you think of MJ’s chef’s claims? Do you believe it or think it’s a celebrity shakedown?

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