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Sexual Harassment – Hostile Work Environment – Abuse of Power

Emanuel Shirazi

Katy worked for her employer for many years. During the later portion of her employment, two supervisors sexually harassed her on multiple occasions.

The harassment included repeated and unwelcome inappropriate sexual touching, conduct, advances, and comments.

The company’s HR knew these supervisors’ had past complaints of sexual harassment, yet refused to take the necessary action. The harassment and the company’s refusal to stop the harassment—even after Katy complained—adversely affected Katy’s ability to do her job.

Katy was forced to quit when HR told her to just handle it herself. As a result of the recurrent harassment and job loss, Katy endured emotional distress and lost wages.

This was a case not only about sexual misconduct, but about abuse of power in the workplace and callous Human Resources. Sexual harassment in a work environment is prohibited by law.

We helped Katy get justice and our firm may be able to get you justice too.

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