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Sexual Harassment – Hostile Work Environment – Unwanted Attention

Emanuel Shirazi

CC—a teenager—was forced to endure constant and severe sexual harassment and assaults by a co-worker. Early on, CC reported the co-worker pressing his crotch against her buttocks to the General Manager, but she laughed it off. And the sexual harassment continued in plain sight of everyone.

The sexual harassment included the harasser rubbing his crotch against CC’s buttocks, making sexual comments, blowing kisses, winking, and staring at her body for long periods of time.

On top of this, CC was sexually assaulted twice. Both times she was grabbed from behind. On one occasion he touched her vagina and on the other he grabbed her breasts with both hands.

The company did nothing to prevent or stop his unwelcome conduct and assaults—forcing CC to quit. As a result of the recurrent sexual harassment, CC endured severe emotional distress.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal—whether from supervisor, co-worker, or even a customer/vendor.

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