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Sexual Harassment – Hostile Work Environment – Assault

Emanuel Shirazi

RE was a very young woman who was subjected to sexual assault and harassment from her supervisor during her employment, culminating in her being raped at work.

RE’s supervisor had sexually harassed her and others at the company. Everyone was aware that he was a pervert who would touch and make passes at all the young female employees.

Prior to the rape, numerous other employees were sexually harassed by the supervisor.  At least two managers were aware of past sexual harassment and did nothing.

Two months before the rape, the police were called to the worksite to investigate a criminal complaint regarding the supervisor’s groping of another employee. Even after this, the company did nothing to stop this serial sexual harasser.

The sexual assault caused RE immense emotional distress.  We handled RE’s case with respect and resolve.  She finally received some comfort when we helped her get much needed justice.

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