SNL Cast Members Named As Alleged Witnesses To Sexual Assault In Newest Statement By Victim

SNL Sexual Assault Case

The Jane Doe plaintiff suing NBC and Horatio Sanz in a sexual assault case has made a new statement where she named several Saturday Night Live cast members as alleged witnesses to Sanz’s sexual assault of her. Amongst the named witnesses in the statement are Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, and Seth Meyers.

Jane Doe sued NBC and Sanz summer of 2021 alleging that Sanz had groomed her since she was 15 years old and he had groped her at a 2002 SNL afterparty. Doe was 17 years old at the time of the alleged assault. Doe recently made a statement in which she claimed that several cast members were within eyesight of the assault incident at the party.

Sanz had allegedly groped Doe in full view of his colleagues. Doe states that she and Ana Gasteyer made eye contact while Sanz groped her and Gasteyer was visibly startled in response. She also states that she saw Fey and Dratch looking at Sanz and Doe and were also visibly startled. Also named in her statement were Seth Meyers and Maya Rudolph who were facing them and Doe describes Rudolph looking disgusted.

In the statement, Doe states that she expressed her discomfort and desire to leave to Sanz but was dismissed by him despite the stares.

NBC denies liability for Sanz’s behavior, in their support of the company’s motion to dismiss the complaint. Sanz’s attorney also issued a denial last year, describing Doe’s allegations as false and claiming that Doe repeats her allegations and ropes in high-profile names to generate media attention.

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