Midyear 2022 Minimum Wage Increases Starting July 1st

Midyear 2022 Minimum Wage Increases Starting July 1st

This summer, several states and many local jurisdictions will increase their minimum wage rates. Starting July 1, 2022, states including Connecticut, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington DC will increase their minimum wage. Locally, several cities and counties are also increasing their minimum wage effective July 1, 2022.

In California, there will be numerous minimum wage rate adjustments across several cities and counties.

Californians will see increases in minimum wage for the following jurisdictions:

· Alameda: $15.75

· Berkeley: $16.99

· Emeryville: $17.68

· Fremont: $16.00

· Long Beach (hotels with 100 or more guest rooms): $16.73

· Los Angeles City: $16.04

· Los Angeles City (hotels with 150 or more guest rooms): $18.17

· Unincorporated Los Angeles County: $15.96

· Malibu: $15.96

· Milpitas: $16.40

· Pasadena: $16.11

· San Francisco: $16.99

· Santa Monica: $15.96

· Santa Monica (hotels): $18.17

· West Hollywood (1–49 employees): $16.00

· West Hollywood (50 or more employees): $16.50

· West Hollywood (hotel workers): $18.35

Accordingly, employers with minimum wage workers must ensure their compensation practices are compliant with these changing laws in all jurisdictions in which they operate.

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