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Another Fox News Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit: Andrea Tantaros

Emanuel Shirazi

Andrea Tantaros, a broadcaster for Fox News, has joined the ranks of other females alleging that former CEO Roger Ailes and other Fox execs either participated or condoned sexual harassment in the workplace. In her lawsuit, Tantaros claims that the network which projects family values on air, is actually run more like a “sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency, and misogyny.”

Earlier this year we reported on the Gretchen Carlson case against Ailes. Though Ailes denies Carlson’s ongoing allegations, he stepped down from his position at Fox News back in July, and proceeded to walk away with a $40 million severance package in the process. Following Carlson’s claims, several other female employees, including Megan Kelly, have come forth with similar tales of sexual harassment.

Tantaros claims that Ailes allegedly exhibited the following inappropriate behavior towards her:

  1. Asked her for a hug
  2. Told her to turn around so that he could get a good look at her.
  3. Told her that she would look good in a bikini.
  4. Asked her about the private sexual lives of her fellow colleagues.

When Tantaros complained to senior Fox executives including co-president, Bill Shine, and members of the general counsel, Suzanne Scott and Dianne Brandi, she was told to let it go. The reason? Because Ailes was a “very powerful man.” When management got word of Ms. Tantaros’ complaints, they retaliated by taking her off the air. Tantaros lawsuit not only names Ailes as a culprit, but also the senior lieutenants who condoned his behavior. In the lawsuit, Tantaros also claims (among others) that Bill O’Reilly, host of The O’Reilly Factor, sexually harassed her by inviting her to stay with him and making sexually charged comments.

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