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While most people know about federal and state minimum wage requirements, prevailing wages can be a bit more complicated to understand. Most employees who work on a construction project valued at over $1000 that uses federal funds are entitled to prevailing wages. Unfortunately, laborers are sometimes taken advantage of and are paid below market rates for their work. A Los Angeles prevailing wage lawyer can help you understand the wages you are legally entitled to.

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Shirazi Law Firm, PC, has experience defending both private and public sector employees. Prevailing wages are important for protecting the rights of construction workers and other labor workers. If you do not feel like your wages reflect the prevailing wages of your trade, work with a law firm that isn’t scared to stand up to big business and government agencies.

Emanuel Shirazi has worked with large class-action claims as well as small individual claims. He is dedicated to fighting for the rights of employees, regardless of the size of their case. Shirazi Law Firm, PC, offers the experience of a large firm and the individual attention of a small practice. Schedule a consultation today to see how Shirazi Law Firm, PC, can help you with your prevailing wage case.

What Are Prevailing Wages?

A prevailing wage applies to employees working on public works projects for the state, a county, or a city in California. These employees are usually entitled to a standard rate of pay to ensure that they are paid competitive rates. Any project that is over $1000 and uses public funds to build, repair, or otherwise alter a building qualifies its employees for prevailing wages.

Prevailing wages also include information on criteria like:

  • Health and Welfare: Some unions bargain for healthcare coverage for their employees to be included in prevailing wage benefits.
  • Pension: Fringe benefits also include wages set aside for pensions and retirement plans.
  • Holiday Pay: Working on official state holidays might entitle you to additional pay based on the official prevailing wage rate.
  • Overtime Pay: Employees working over 40 hours a week are entitled to overtime pay that exceeds the standard prevailing wage.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Prevailing wage claims often require a lot of evidence to prove. It is important to work with an attorney to record specific details about your experience on a public works project, including the hours you worked, the rate you were paid, and the scope of the project. Workers must often fight large construction companies, which can be intimidating to do on your own.

Working with an attorney can help you present a stronger case to your employer and the courts. If you failed to receive prevailing wages or were required to give some of your wages back to your employer, you might have a case against them. Work with a wage liability lawyer who can review your options to see if you can recover prevailing wages.

Exceptions to Prevailing Wage

While most construction employees working on public projects qualify for prevailing wages, there are a few exceptions to the rule. These include:

  1. A Labor Compliance Program: Some companies that run public works projects have their own program for labor rights and wages. Projects run by these companies do not need to follow prevailing wage requirements until a construction project reaches $25,000 or a repair or demolition project reaches $15,000.
  2. Federal Projects: Prevailing wage laws are usually determined by the state. This means that projects that are completely federally funded usually do not need to follow prevailing wage laws.
  3. Charity Projects: Volunteers are sometimes entitled to accommodations to help them with their work, but they do not qualify for prevailing wages.
  4. Professional Labor: Prevailing wages are typically for blue-collar employees, like construction workers, engineers, and other laborers. White-collar professional roles, like architects, are usually not covered under prevailing wages.


Q: How Much Do Lawyers Charge Per Hour in Los Angeles?

A: A lawyer’s hourly rate depends on the type of law they practice and their experience level. An employment lawyer typically charges around $200-$500 per hour. Some lawyers work on a contingency fee, which is a fee taken after the lawyer helps their client win their case. The specific fee structure for your employment attorney is an important topic to bring up during your consultation.

Q: What Is the Prevailing Wage Law in California?

A: The prevailing wage law in Los Angeles refers to employees working on public works projects in the state of California. Anyone working on a public works project cannot be paid lower than the per diem wages based on their discipline. The Department of Industrial Relations posts the per diem wages on its website. These wages are typically developed in collaboration with labor unions. Specific per diem wages vary depending on the type of job or labor performed.

Q: What Is the Prevailing Wage in California in 2023?

A: The prevailing wage in Los Angeles is different for every job performed. The wages for some roles are determined for the entire state, while the wages for other roles vary by county. The basic hourly rate typically falls between $30 and $60 an hour, not including additional pay for things like overtime and holiday pay. It is important to reference the Department of Industrial Relations list to determine the prevailing wage rate for a specific occupation.

Q: How Do I Find Out If a Job Is Covered by the Prevailing Wage Law in California?

A: Prevailing wages apply to all employees working on Los Angeles public works projects that are over $1,000. These jobs are mostly for constructing public buildings like schools, hospitals, and other state, county, or city buildings. Postings at job sites might also provide information on whether a project is considered a public works job. If you believe that you are entitled to prevailing wages, contact a labor lawyer to review your specific situation.

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Don’t let the fear of potential repercussions hold you back from contacting an employment attorney. Shirazi Law Firm, PC, can develop a targeted strategy to help you earn what’s rightfully yours. Schedule a consultation today to learn how we can support you in your prevailing wage claim.



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