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Apple Sued by In House Attorney for Age and Gender Discrimination and Retaliation

Emanuel Shirazi

An in-house attorney for Apple is suing the company for age discrimination, gender discrimination and wrongful termination. The plaintiff, who filed the lawsuit under the name ‘Jane Doe’ in order to protect her identity, claims that she was wrongfully terminated from her job as Global Product Safety Counsel. when she refused to engage in acts of “moral turpitude and dishonesty.” Her lawsuit also claims that she continuously experienced harassment and discrimination by her supervisors.

Doe claims that Apple execs repeatedly harassed and discriminated against her when she refused to engage in unethical practices during her two years of employment with the company. Doe alleges that:

  1. Doe made ethical recommendations that were unpopular with her superiors. When Doe tried to write a safety compliance program, she received backlash because it didn’t align with the way that the company usually did things.
  2. Doe was referred to as an ‘alarmist’ and ‘argumentative’
  3. Doe was purposely left out of meetings that were directly related to projects she was working on.
  4. Doe was told that Apple “should have hired a smart 5th year supply chain lawyer instead of someone with baggage.”
  5. Doe was told that Apple “does not trust you.”
  6. Doe was terminated when she filed a complaint despite having great performance reviews and consistent raises.

Do you think these allegations are enough to legally be discrimination, harassment, or retaliation?

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