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Apprentice Contestant Claiming Sexual Harassment Against Trump Says She Will Dismiss Lawsuit if He Takes Back Calling Her a Liar

Emanuel Shirazi

Back in October, Summer Zervos sued Donald Trump, claiming that he sexually assaulted and harassed her back in 2007. Zervos was a contestant on Trump’s reality show, The Apprentice around the same time.

Here is what we know about the alleged claims:

  1. Zervo set up a meeting with Trump at his office to ask him some professional advice. When Zervos walked in, Trump congratulated her for having the balls to set up a meeting with him and then proceeded to kiss her on the mouth multiple times.
  2. While in LA, Trump asked Zervos to join him for dinner at his hotel. When Zervos arrived, she was taken to his room where he was completely nude.
  3. He began kissing her on the lips again and then touched her breast.
  4. Trump then grabbed her hand and suggested they “lay down and watch some telly-telly” together.
  5. When Zervos turned down Trump’s offer, he seemed to be angry and began mocking her.
  6. After the incident, they had dinner together, and Trump conducted business as usual. He then invited her to tour his golf course the next day.
  7. Zervos arrived at the golf course the following day. Though she was sexually harassed, she still had hopes that Trump would offer her a job within his company. Trump, however, was not present at the golf course the next day. When Zervos called him to tell him she felt like she was being punished for not indulging him, he told her to lose his number.

Trump denies the allegations made by Zervos and claims that hers is “yet another hoax.” More than a dozen other women have made similar claims since Trump began his presidential campaign to which he also denies, referring to them as unattractive and liars. Zervos is currently seeking compensatory and punitive damages but it willing to dismiss the case if Trump retracts his “defamatory statements” that she is a liar who made this up and acknowledges that Ms. Zervos is indeed telling the truth. This is highly unlikely behavior considering Trump’s stance on sexual harassment and his golf course’s history with sexual harassment.

What do you think about her openly willing to dismiss the lawsuit if Trump retracts his statement about her being a liar?

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