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Charlie Rose Fired After Sexual Harassment Allegations

Emanuel Shirazi

Charlie Rose, 75-year-old PBS host and co-anchor of CBS This Morning, is the next sexual harasser on the hot seat and has been fired. According to an article on, Rose has been accused of sexually harassing eight women between the late 1990s to 2011, some of whom were colleagues of his. Here is what we know about the allegations:

  1. Rose allegedly touched the legs of several women.
  2. Rose allegedly walked in front of several women while he was nude.
  3. Rose allegedly called Reah Bravo, a former colleague, on the telephone in the early morning or late night, calls that Bravo insists were “lewd.”
  4. Rose allegedly groped a woman’s breasts while driving in a car with her.
  5. Rose had a tendency to give unsolicited shoulder rubs to women at work, an act that earned him the nickname “crusty paw.”
  6. Two of the women reported the incidents to their female producer, but she didn’t do anything to help them.

Rose released his own statement in response to the allegations. Though he admits to behaving insensitively, he doesn’t admit to any specific allegations. At the time, he says he believed the feelings were mutually exclusive, an assumption that he now knows was wrong. CBS have now fired Rose since hearing of the allegations.

Do you now think Hollywood is taking sexual harassment too seriously?

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