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Controversial Right Wing Commentator Tomi Lahren Sues The Blaze for Wrongful Termination After Being “Fired” for Stating She Was Pro-Choice

Emanuel Shirazi

Tomi Lahren, former controversial commentator for The Blaze (a right wing media firm) is suing the firm (run by former Fox News star Glenn Beck) for wrongful termination. Lahren claims that Beck retaliated against her after she publicly announced that she was pro-choice (a controversial statement considering The Blaze’s tagline promises to “take on progressives with conservative solutions.”)

Lahren made her pro-choice stance public during a visit to The View, last month. She told the panel that it would be hypocritical of her to be an advocate for limited government, and also be an advocate for letting the government dictate what women should do with their bodies. Lahren then went on to say, “stay out my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well.”

After Lahren’s stint on The View, she was told by HR that she was suspended from The Blaze indefinitely and that she should not return to the company’s headquarters in Irving, Texas. In addition, Lahren, who has more than 4 million fans on Facebook, and whose videos are streamed on average 5 million times, has been blocked from her Facebook page and banned from her email account, a move that she alleges “harassed her and harmed her brand, viewership, and followers.”

The Blaze has responded saying that Lahren is still under contract (her contract ends September 30th) and that she is still being paid. The Blaze also claims to be complying fully with the terms of the contract. Lahren, sees it differently. She believes Beck and The Blaze have launched a full blown “public smear campaign” against her, thus hurting her current and future working relationships.

Do you think Lahren’s wrongful termination claims are valid, considering the Blaze has a First Amendment right and is still paying her according to contract?  

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