Exusia CEO Accused of Sexually Harassing Company’s Attorney

New York City based company, Exusia is a health care consultancy firm that made Crain’s list of 50 fastest growing businesses in 2016. Their CEO allegedly also happens to have a penchant for strippers, using company money to fund his strip club outings and even sexually harassing the company’s lawyer. With that track record, it’s no wonder that the company has a rating of 2.1 out of 5 on Glassdoor. One anonymous employee wrote “Good colleagues but the management is horrible. Rot starts at the CEO and goes down.”

Trevor Silver, Exusia’s CEO, and married father of two, allegedly repeatedly harassed Amy Green, an attorney who was hired by Exusia in 2015. Some of his alleged offences include: 

  1. Silver told Green that he wanted to sleep with her, and inappropriately touched her thigh. 
  2. Silver drew attention to Green’s breasts and made inappropriate comments about them. 
  3. After trying to convince Green to accompany him to a strip club, Silver warned her that she couldn’t sue him for sexual harassment.
  4. Silver told Green that women were his vice and that strip clubs were his outlet for stress relief. 
  5. Silver told Green that once he had unprotected anal sex with a “black stripper in a hot tub.”
  6. Silver bragged to Green that once he woke up to a Marriott employee giving him oral sex. 
  7. Silver told Green that he paid for his night’s out to the strip club, gifts for his lovers, and traveling expense with company funds.

Do you think Green’s allegations are legit? Is it proper for an attorney to make such communications public?

*photo by Benjamin Combs

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