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Facebook Sued for Sexual Harassment & Discrimination

Emanuel Shirazi

Former Facebook employee Chia Hong filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former employer in March of 2015.  Hong claims that she was wrongfully terminated in October of 2013 after she complained about alleged harassment and discrimination by her boss, Anil Wilson, and dozens of other employees because of her gender and Taiwanese nationality. She says she was told she was not part of the team because she “looks different and talks differently than other team members.”

In the lawsuit, Hong is described as an employee who consistently received “satisfactory performance evaluations” for her role at Facebook, but was nonetheless terminated and “replaced by a less qualified, less experienced male.”

Facebook denies Hong’s allegations and has said “In this case we have substantive disagreements on the facts, and we believe the record shows the employee was treated fairly.”

This isn’t the first time Facebook has been accused of gender discrimination or sexism. The Boy Kings, an exposé book by former employee Katherine Losse documented a sexist corporate culture in the early days of Facebook.

Do you think the “looks and talks differently” comment is enough for the national origin and gender discrimination claims?

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