Former Hollywood Today Host Sues Fox for Race Discrimination, Harassment, and Wrongful Termination

Porsche Coleman, former host of Hollywood Today Live, is currently suing Media General, Fox Entertainment, and several others for harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.  Hollywood Today Live is a daytime entertainment news and variety show on the Fox Network that has featured guests such as Kris Jenner, Kelly Osbourne, and Alfonso Ribeiro. Coleman believes that she was fired from the show because she was black and had no children, thus preventing “Middle American viewers to relate to her.” 

Here are some of the offenses that Coleman is alleging:

  1. The network provided Coleman with a black woman hairdresser because it would look better during behind-the-scenes shots. 
  2. Coleman says her physical image was repeatedly criticized.
  3. The head of programming, Tracy Taw, told Coleman that she didn’t appeal to Middle America because of her ethnic hair. 
  4. Tony Optican, the Media General Head of Programming, told Coleman that he understood black women because of his past experience dating them. 
  5. Coleman was told her seat would be replaced by someone else. When she asked why, the executive producer told her it was because she wasn’t a mother. Though Coleman was replaced by Garcelle Beauvais, a black mother, none of the other childless co-hosts were replaced. 

Because of this turmoil, Coleman seeks punitive damages. Since her firing she claims that she has suffered “severe and permanent emotional and mental distress and anguish.”

Do you think that Coleman has a case since she was replaced by another black woman? Do you think that she is overreacting? Isn’t this the nature of show business, being judged on your appearance or your ability to get ratings? 

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