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Multiple Male Hollywood Stars Come Out With Their Sexual Assault Claims

Emanuel Shirazi

Following the #MeToo phenomena, several men in Hollywood have also come forth with their own sexual harassment and assault claims. Their perpetrators also happen to be powerful men in the industry.

Here’s what we know about the claims that have recently come to light:

1/ Terry Crews, who is a former NFL star turned Hollywood actor, claimed that a powerful and influential Hollywood executive recently grabbed his genitals during an industry-related event he was attending with his wife. Though his first reaction was to get physical with the perpetrator, Crews admitted that he refrained from doing so because he did not want to be ostracised.

2/ James Van Der Beek, an actor most famous for his starring role in Dawson’s Creek, claimed that when he was much younger he had his rear end grabbed by powerful men. In addition, he says they would corner him and discuss sexually charged matters with him. Van Der Beek said he empathizes with anyone in a similar situation, “There’s a power dynamic that feels impossible to overcome.”

3/ Comedian Rob Schneider, most famous for his supporting roles in Adam Sandler movies, claims that he was once harassed by a director while they were both in a hotel room. The bathrobe-clad director (who has since passed away) asked Schneider to crawl towards him on the ground. Schneider felt disgusted by the whole scenario.

4/ Todd Bridges, an actor known for his role as Willis Jackson on the sitcom Diff’rent Strokes, says he was sexually assaulted by his publicist when he was only 11.

5/ Corey Feldman claims he was molested by several different people when he was a young actor. His friend Corey Haim, was raped at the age of 11.

Hopefully, as more males share their sexual assault and harassment claims, it will be easier for more men to come forward. There is still a stigma against being a vulnerable male in the Western world. Being masculine implies that a man has to suck up any pain or trauma he may have endured, so as not to be perceived as weak by others. Further, many male survivors choose to stay quiet because they are embarrassed and feel anger towards themselves for failing to prevent the abuse from happening in the first place. Thus, they isolate themselves.

Do you think that as more influential men in Hollywood come forth with their survivor tales that it will inspire other men to come forward?

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